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BMW Service Centre Gauteng

About SavSpeed

Savspeed auto is recognized in both SA and abroad in specialized BMW turbo performance tuning.

Recognized worldwide, Savspeed auto is specialized in BMW turbo, performance and tuning.

SAVSpeed has always built cars of definition and is recognized and respected in the racing and social circles.

We have built and developed the fastest saloon car in South Africa and want to broaden our relative products in the racing and regional circles.

Building cars of definition and defiance with its well known turbo manifold patents and design work for each of its own right hand driving performance applications.

Turbo charging (Forced Induction) packages is one of the fields of specializing SAVSpeed does for most of the BMW models packages.

All components are designed and tested in-house under supervision of a BMW technician with 30 years experience.

Since 1999 SAVSpeed Auto have modified over 500 vehicles to date.

SAVSpeed Auto is recognized for retaining reliability with engine power gains of up to 180 percent.

SAVSpeed is recognized for being the first company to turbo charge E36 (1992) to M3 (1998) worldwide and has completed E46 M3 right-hand drive kits for European models, also the first worldwide achievement.

SAVSpeed is recognized for doing the impossible on cars that people can relate to (street cars) taking standard production vehicles and transforming them into respectable performance contenders.

SAVSpeed's cars are regularly featured and get great exposure through media coverage on most affiliated motor magazines as well as newspapers.

The RECORD BREAKING BMW M3 Street Car has also brought much awareness in the media, after achieving S.A Fastest standing 1km sprint record, 14th April 2010.

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